About Us

We have four luncheon meetings annually, meeting in the months of May, June, September, and October. These meetings are on the second Tuesday of the listed months and begin at 12 noon. During the summer, we sometimes have a pitch-in picnic gathering.  We enjoy the fellowship of other educators and we keep current on legislative actions pertaining to our pension and issues relating to education.  Retired public education teachers and administrators and those affiliated with education as active teachers, by spouse, past employment, or friends of education please join us!  (see Membership and Contacts)

BCRTA is affiliated with Indiana Retired Teachers Association.


The Purpose of BCRTA:

To serve as a local unit of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association

  • To maintain and improve the social, educational, economic, and recreational welfare and status of retired educators in our local community
  • To help retired teachers maintain identity with the teaching profession, further the cause of education, and to provide contact with friends and associates of the active teaching years.
  • To gather and disseminate information of value to members
  • To respond to community needs and to encourage retired teachers to contribute their talents and experience in our local area
  • To encourage presently active educators to prepare for retirement
  • To familiarize retired and active teachers with the benefits of membership in the local, state, and national associations.