Community Service

Ways We Volunteer:

    Tutoring in local schools
    Brown County Public Library
    Brown County Humane Society
    Our Churches
    Brown County Historical Society
    Brown County Literacy Coalition
    Brown County Children’s Weekend Backpack Program
    Brown County Playhouse
    Brown County Health and Living Center
    Brown County Health and Living Center ‘Secret Garden’
    Brown County Community Foundation
    Salvation Army
    Mother’s Cupboard
    Habitat for Humanity
    Middle Way House
    Transportation to Doctor’s or therapy appointments
    Just Do Something campaign against addiction

Each year BCRTA compiles our volunteer hours and turns them in to the IRTA. Our members contributed 4,372 volunteer hours to our community and 988 volunteer hours working with children in 2018. These hours let our legislators know that we are actively supporting our community and state in a positive manner. Even though retired, we are still making a difference in the lives of others.

Click to download the Volunteer Hours Monthly Worksheet
Click to download the Volunteer Hours Daily Worksheets


BCRTA members, Jan Swigert and Linda Todd, began the children’s weekend backpack program through their church in 2014. The program has grown stronger and larger each year and in 2018 benefits needy children in most of our local Brown County schools. (A local church provides backpack food items to one rural elementary school.) A variety of food is sent home in backpacks each weekend while school is in session. Other churches, groups, and individuals also contribute food to this effort. For the 2018-2019 school year, food is being packed in plastic shopping bags to make them easier to carry home.


BCRTA voted to begin work on a garden area of the Brown County Health and Living Memory Care Wing in 2017. It took many hours of work to remove weeds and plant flowers in the garden area. BCRTA is grateful for the donations of annual and perennial flowers by BCRTA members and Kelp’s Greenhouse in Brown County for 2017 and 2018. The garden continues to flourish and is much appreciated by residents and their families. In 2018, we had even more members involved in watering and weeding. We also added hanging flower pots to a centrally located garden gazebo in another area at the BCHL facility. We are looking forward to the growing season in 2019!